A lavish shower room makes the perfect cozy zone where you can wash off your daily stress. It is probably the best retreat where you can unwind yourself whenever you feel like it. Well, all it needs is the perfect lighting, gadgets, and design to add to its aesthetics. Here, we will share the top-notch shower room remodel ideas on the trends. 


Consider the location of the rain shower 

Install your rain shower in a corner that is comparably spacious and airy. You can ask your hired professional to shift the position of the toilet and tub to make your shower room look wider. Also, you can choose a contemporary theme for a brighter shower room. 

Clean white look 

White walls and floorings, along with a few organic props can enhance the appearance of your shower room entirely. The color white brings with it the touch of elegance. Hence, adding white lines in your shower room is probably one of the best shower-room remodel ideas. Compared to the wall-painted vibrant shower rooms, the one with white wall tiles, marble flooring looks more polished. Add an indoor plant at a corner to increase the charm. 

Black wall with golden art 

While white lines contribute to the elegance of a shower room, black bears the sign of royalty. Well, calling it a trend is not perfect. Very few people dare to paint their shower room black! However, the outcome is truly impressive. You can complement the black walls by adding golden prints and hues. 

Functional designs 

Even if your bathroom is less spacious, you can still style it. A simple mosaic floor, clear and vertical glass walls, and bright white light can make your small shower room look great!  In the case of new house construction, building your shower room (especially if it is small) in such a place that comes in direct contact with natural light is indeed a great idea. 

Add pebbles as a detail

Recently, the trend of installing pebbles is on the hype. And why not? It looks awe-inspiring!! A slender stone column or pebble flooring might do the job well. It will give you a Beachy vibe every time you walk into your shower room. So when you are deciding on the shower room remodel ideas. Make sure not to skip it.  

Contemporary style

The shower room with the latest technology, including minimalist taps, slim-profile or smart mirrors, digital showers, sleek vanity, etc., looks jaw-dropping! Not only your guests but even you would also be amazed every time you walk in. 

Spa-shower room 

Who says you need a large bathroom to set up a luxury spa? Experts can manage it in a shorter space as well! Adding a classic granite or marble countertop with a gorgeous tub can win the game. Adorn it with fragrant candles and indoor green babies, and there you go! Your own private spa is ready. 

Waterfall style 

Imagine showering amidst the tropical ambiance; sounds exciting, right? Then, why not choose the waterfall style while choosing shower room remodel ideas? A slanted wall contrasted with a stony wall can create a dreamy waterfall vibe! To add a cherry to the top of the cake, installing a rain shower head is a must!    

Multi-purpose shower room 

No more conflict between a lavish bathtub and a stand-alone shower room, as you can install both and enjoy each as per your mood. You can place your luxury tub right next to the shower room.  To make it look more sophisticated. You can enclose your shower room with a glass and steel glass door.

Add more shelves 

If you want to make your shower room appear chic and well-organized, make sure to add as many shelves as you can. When you maximize your shelf storage, you can store your shower gears right at their place and find them without much hassle. 

So, here are a few of the trending shower room remodel ideas that you can implement in your new home construction. If you need expert help, reach us any time! Apart from custom bathroom remodeling, our home remodeling contractors and home addition contractors offer garage remodeling landscaping service, kitchen remodeling, and so on. To know our bathroom, bedroom, garage, and kitchen renovation cost, get a quote today.