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So, finally, it’s time to turn the house of your dream into reality! However, you can call a house your home only when you actually get that cozy, homely vibe, which comes from how you design and maintain it. The New Construction in San Jose are is here, Let’s start with number 1 on the list!

Here are a few of the design ideas that you can incorporate in your new construction San Jose, of course,

With a little bit of customization.

Use on mirror walls

This clever house construction technique can make a small space seem bigger! The idea was first showcased in Samantha Parr’s gorgeous oak frame house. Once you see the building in your eyes, you won’t believe it stands at just 100m2!! The one to praise is the design and construction team! The way they have planned the first floor of the house with exposed rafters and featured mirrors is truly remarkable! When the mirrors reflect the interior parts, it seems like the space is much bigger! You can use the same design idea to build your house too.

Courtyard layout

Perfect for single-story new construction San Jose,  the courtyard layout offers you multiple scopes to adjoin several rooms with your nicely decorated and furnished lawn. Here, the lighting setup plays a crucial role in adorning the place and enhancing its aesthetics.

Farmhouse style

While modern houses are more likely to incorporate the industrial touch, a farmhouse is still on the hot list and probably will secure the same position even after a couple of years. And the chief reason behind it is the warmth and comfort it brings with it. The sleek, clean design mingled with natural wood and fired-up steel sets a different mood. If you are planning your new construction San Jose in more of a farmhouse style, go with white pastels for boards and bricks and dark accents for doors, window trims, and roofing.

Vaulted ceiling

If you dare to skip the traditional flat ceiling and want to try something out of the box, vaulted ceilings are for you! These dramatic ceiling designs not only add volume to your property, but also fit perfectly with both traditional and contemporary new construction San Jose ideas. Each, having its unique beauty and appeal, the barrel, arched, domed, rib, cathedral, etc., designs can be great to opt for!

Functional designs in small space

If you have a big family, but the plot is small for extra bedrooms, simply make it two-storey! It helps increase the square footage where you can incorporate more rooms! Well, you can ask for suggestions from your hired design and construction team in which storey your bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, and shower room will fit well.

Straight-line, large windows

Large floor-to-ceiling windows and multi-pane ones are trending in 2021. And probably the trend will continue in the coming years as well! Large windows welcome natural light directly making your home interiors bright, airy, and beautiful. And, of course, the floor-to-ceiling glass windows have their own charm and enchantment.

Build a modern kitchen

Since the kitchen is the most-utilized place in a house, make it beautiful and well-organized, incorporating more shelves, marble countertops, sink skirts, etc. Black cabinetry has made its way among the homeowners who want something different from the ordinary. Black or gray-toned textured woods and rustic designs can win the game for them. And if you are more into experiments, ask your appointed kitchen remodeling contractors to install black soapstone countertops instead of marbles. It does make a statement!

Experiment with your shower room

While the kitchen is the most-used room, the shower room is where you rinse your everyday pressure, a place where you can take a hot shower and get back in the mood. So, designing it more lavishly and luxuriously can make it for you! A spa-like design with a cozy bathtub or glass door- shower, a few green babies, and your cozy nook are ready! We have a shower room remodel blog describing bathroom remodeling or how you can style it in new construction; make sure to read it!


Hopefully, you have enjoyed the blog. If you dream of building new construction San Jose and need expert help, we are always here! Also, we equip you with custom home addition and professional landscaping. Call us at all convenient hours!


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