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A garage conversion is absolutely one of the best ways of adding extra space to your home. With very minimal cost and arrangements, you can get a convenient room out of nowhere. While your garage does not shelter cars for years you can easily convert garage to ADU and make it an integral part of your home. Ultimately you can enjoy the healthy and comfortable lifestyle you seek. 


6 Main Things You Need To Know Before You Convert Garage To ADU


Here are 6 considerations that can help you out to convert garage to ADU Los Angeles.


Garage types


Before converting a garage, first, you must decide the type of conversion you need. There are basically three types of garage conversion; attached, integrated, and detached. Attached or integrated garages are connected to the main house, or sometimes to the side. And this conversion eventually can help you with extra space and convenience.


Meanwhile, a detached garage is a type of construction where the room is not directly linked with the main building. This conversion can be a suitable option for rental businesses.


Rights To Convert


A garage conversion is obviously effective, but you can face restrictions in many special cases. So before converting your garage to a home make sure the council provides the full right to convert the garage. Suppose you are living near a busy road and the administration doesn’t want cars to be parked on the road. And in such a situation you can face restrictions to convert garage to ADU


Building Regulations


All garage conversions need building regulations approval before work begins. In this process, you will need to submit a building regulations application. No wonder garage conversion puts pressure on the entire building. And if your building is not compact enough you can face major damage or wear and tear with time. This is why you need building regulation approval. Later if it’s approved and you convert the garage they would visit for verification.




Verify the foundation of your garage before you try to convert garage to ADU. If shallowness does not anyhow concern your building control surveyor, it can be a real concern for your home’s durability. 


Converting a garage with a shallow foundation can overweight the walls and floors making the whole building vulnerable. So make sure the foundation of the garage is deep enough to carry a load of new designs, doors, windows, and many more. 


Thermal Insulation


A home doesn’t feel like home when it is very congested and warm. To bring in the cozy, homely vibe, it needs proper ventilation and airflow to keep it cool and well insulated. And that’s why make sure the garage you are converting is well insulated and suits your home ambiance.

With proper ventilation, you can keep away the heat from the rooms. So better insulate the garage first and add other minimum requirements before directly linking it with your home. 


Structural Changes


Structural changes are another important factor you need to concentrate on before you convert garage to ADU. Structural changes like roofline, new windows, doors, entrances, and the walls of your garage determine whether it fits your home or not. Accordingly, take the right precaution regarding the overall structure of the garage and then try to add it to your home.


A garage conversion is not as easy as it sounds, there are some factors that can lead to numerous flaws in the construction. And that’s why you need to follow these 6 denoted considerations before you convert garage to ADU. So immediately contact us for renovating garage into living space, building my house from scratch, converting a garage into a room or converting garage to ADU California, building your own home from scratch, and to know the cost to convert garage to ADU Los Angeles.




Do I need an architect for a garage conversion?

You definitely need an architect to convert a garage. This is not just because of home construction laws and obligations but to make your home more convenient.


Do you have to raise the floor in a garage conversion?

Well, it depends on the floor level of your garage. In most of the cases, we had to raise the floor while converting homes, since garages were built a little low and tilted for cars.


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